When location means everything

Over the coming years, Copelands will connect you even more with everything you need in Warragul.

There is a series of questions we all ask people when we meet them for the first time. They include “Where do you work?” “Do you have any kids?” “Where do you live?” And “Where did you grow up”.

Where you live is not so much asking the exact address but getting a sense of the suburb or town that person lives in. It helps us locate them. It give us some insight into the landscape they are in, travel woes, people they may know, schools they may have been to. All conversations start with asking the right questions.

When you move to Warragul, you’ll find that question is one of the first that people will ask you. We are interested, you see, in where you have found your home here.

Warragul is divided into sections like any town. The old part, the hospital district, the hills, the south side, new estates and more. Copelands residents are lucky to be sitting on the fringe of central Warragul, spanning the urban growth and the surrounding farmland. Mere minutes to everything you need, yet far enough away to enjoy peace and quiet and the rural vistas that probably attracted you to the region in the first place.

Over the next few years, Copelands will grow into the landscape, creating pathways and roads connecting you even more directly with schools, transport and the amenity of this thriving community. The roundabout at Paramount Drive and Emberwood Road will be central to this connection. This intersection will, in time, link Copelands through to North Road in the South and Brandy Creek Road to the West. This access, in addition to the convenience of Copelands Road, means that ease of living here will only get better and better.

If you’re looking to build in 2020, please click here to see all land for sale including the newly titled stage 7 and limited lots in previous stages.

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