Stage 7

Lot #
Lot 38 Lot size 1157m2
Lot 39 Lot size 1184m2
Lot 43 Lot size 733m2
Lot 45 Lot size 730m2
Lot 46 Lot size 687m2
Lot 47 Lot size 685m2
Lot 69 Lot size 667m2
Lot 70 Lot size 789m2
Lot 71 Lot size 630m2
Lot 73 Lot size  943m2
Lot 80 Lot size 1373m2
Lot 81 Lot size 689m2
Lot 328 Lot size 703m2

*Block illustration not to scale, sizing approximate.  We reserve the right to change our prices at any time without further notice.